Technological Innovation

Through continuous innovation and open sharing with the industry, technology services will be more inclusive, convenient, and warm, and become a leading company in global technology.


We are committed to building a new generation of trust mechanisms with blockchain technology, improving the efficiency of value transfer and multi-party collaboration, empowering the real economy, and becoming an engine for the development of the digital economy. We have a self-developed, internationally leading financial-level alliance blockchain platform with high performance, high reliability, and high security, which can support ultra-large-scale applications of transaction volume.

IoT technology

The interconnection of all things is the core of IoT technology and also our important technological strategy. We hope to use IoT technology to comprehensively improve B-Union’s financial life service capabilities, and create more convenient services and higher value for users. In the future, we will also apply IoT technology to multiple scenarios, including unattended, non-inductive payment, smart stores, and smart travel.


The development and popularization of computing technology is the foundation for realizing inclusive finance. Through more than ten years of exploration and practice, we have broken through world-class problems one after another. Among them, innovations such as OceanBase distributed database and SOFA distributed middleware based on general hardware have created a new pattern of domestic, independent research and development and world-class distributed computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an essential part of our technology strategy, including machine learning, image recognition, face recognition, NLP, and other world-leading AI technologies. In addition to enhancing our risk control decision-making capabilities and improving service experience, we also export faster and more robust core AI technical capabilities to all walks of life.

Security Of Technology

We are committed to promoting the research and exploration of the three major security technology fields of intelligent risk control, bio-core, and data security, and relying on eight security laboratories to carry out research on cutting-edge security technologies, and to build a world-leading and comprehensive security defense system for users. Provide multi-dimensional adequate guarantees, including fund security and data security. At the same time, we will work with our security ecosystem partners to create the most trusted open platform for digital life.

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