Global Finance

Sharing technology on a global scale, B-Union and its digital wallet partners jointly serve approximately 7.6 billion users worldwide, providing mobile payment and digital inclusive financial services.

International Tokens Payment

B-Union is corporate with Southeast Asian financial institutions to support merchants in serving consumers on our leading international e-commerce platforms of multiple countries. Realize cross-border payments, cross-border purchases, and cross-border sales, which has become essential support for cross-border electronic trade.

Tokens Paid Worldwide

B-Union’s red QR code connects transnational outbound tourists and local merchants to allowing Chinese tourists to spend with B-Union tokens when they leave their country. Also, it enables international tourists to enjoy the convenience of mobile payment with B-Union tokens while visiting China.

Serving Chinese Users Abroad

Access to various overseas merchants in outbound travel scenarios such as clothing, food, housing, travel, shopping, etc., to realize B-Union's foreign offline payment by scanning codes.


Serving International Visitors In China

Foreigners who come to China need to download B-Union APP, bind their overseas credit card, and enjoy the convenience of mobile payment spending token rewards in China.

Global Digital Financial Inclusion

Create the trend, deeply integrate fintech and inclusive finance, provide technical support and innovation opportunities, and promote inclusive global development.

The development of financial technology “bistable” structure has formed, and the digital inclusive financial ecosystem has become perfect. With the completion of a moderately prosperous society in 2020, the strategic focus of digital financial inclusion will gradually shift from poverty alleviation to improving the quality of life and optimizing the economic environment. The role of digital financial inclusion in promoting the construction of smart cities has further strengthened.

Based on the rapid development of the Internet currently, EasyPay has launched advanced electronic payment in Macau, allowing Macau SMEs, residents, and visitors to Macau to enjoy convenient, safe and stable electronic payment services.

The Bank of Indonesia applied for the payment gateway license and established the Indonesian e-wallet company UNikaS.ins for localized operations.

We always pay attention to the development of the Cambodian market. As a leading financial technology solution in China, we have customized Fintech solutions that meet local developing needs to achieve the global expansion of digital financial inclusion.

Tapay, a starting point to the top ten university campuses in Malaysia, implements the electronic of student cards, endue them the e-wallet accounts to build a cashless school, and cooperates with the largest supermarket in Malaysia.

Promote electronic, digital payment and advanced payment systems, namely UPI. Fintech start-ups’ policies and tax incentives to strengthen financial inclusion and payment ecosystems.

The settlement of transactions will conduct in Nepal through payment service. This payment mode will also help Nepal’s financial sector supervise the flow of funds while merchants receive payments, effectively eliminate money laundering, smuggling, tax evasion, and other illegal activities, maintain the country’s financial stability system.

The electronic payment ecosystem in Laos has just begun to emerge, as most of the existing solutions are in a grey area. The private sector and banks hope the government provides a favorable, open and transparent framework before investing. We are willing to introduce digital financial services to shift the current service from “grey” to “white” areas.

Global Technology Inclusive Program​

We committed to build a new generation of trust mechanisms with blockchain technology, improving the efficiency of value transfer, and multi-party collaboration to empower the real economy to become an engine for the development of the digital economy. We have a self-developed, internationally leading financial-level alliance blockchain platform with high performance, high reliability, and high security, which can support ultra-large-scale applications of transaction volume.

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