User Features​

No changes on the usual payment method

Consumers can pay via WeChat, Alipay, bank account and other usual payment methods. After purchase from B-Union’s merchant products at the same price, the merchant will reward a certain percentage of White Tokens to consumers.

Purchase Global Products

Consumers can check global products without leaving their homes through the B Union merchant’s district, and purchase favorite products that are usually difficult to get

Spend & Earn

Reward White Tokens with a specific daily return ratio to consumers by buying products. Transform their spending into earning. The more they spend, the more they get rewarded. Make everyone willing, love and dare to spend.

Share & Earn, Long-term Earnings

Refer User: Your refer user purchases goods and consumes, gets 5% rewarded for the direct referrer, and 2% reward for the indirect referrer.
Refer Merchants: You refer merchants spending or receive payments, get 5% rewards for the direct referrer, and 2% rewards for the indirect referrer. By sharing with others, you automatically get permanent cross-border earnings.

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