Digital Life

Today and in the future, B-Union will grow from a tokens payment tool to a one-stop digital life platform. Through our open platform strategy, the introduction of digital finance, government affairs, people's livelihood, local life, and other fields of service providers to provide consumers with one-stop digital life services.

Make Our Life Convenient

From daily expenses, living expenses and social security provident funds, we committed to handling more than 1,000 urban life services on B-Union. And livelihood services such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc., you can enjoy a digital life without threshold anytime and anywhere, feel the wisdom and friendliness of digital urban governance.

Make Finance More Inclusive​

We are committed to bringing equal financial services to the world. Through the application of technologies such as data analysis, cloud calculation, AI, blockchain and every credible individual together enjoy safe, accessible, green and sustainable integral financial services.

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