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We saw and believed in helping others to achieve what we do.

Our Core Values

Abide by the laws and corporate systems of various countries, and everything must be reasonable and legal

Use positive thinking to influence people around you with the highest standards of integrity

Be innovative and improve by 1% every day

To build confidence in each other, to be pragmatic and honest in doing things for others

Company Cultural Activities


Employee Happiness

We believe that employee happiness largely influences productivity and impacts the customer experience. That said, we also know that companies can't merely rely on making their employees happy and expect their business to grow into an industry powerhouse anytime soon. The happier your employees are, the stronger and healthier your organization will become.


BU Team Building

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate our employees to work together, play to their strengths, and solve all weaknesses. Therefore, team building activities should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Ensure that team-building incorporated into employees' daily work and practice, and communicate harmoniously and cooperate better.


New Year Culture (Joining Anniversary)

For the employees who have joined the first, third and fifth anniversary, we use the 12 festive terms a year to describe "Blossom Spring For the First year, Joyful Equinox for Three years, and Sunny Summer For Five Years. " Distribute souvenirs respectively to our employees.


Spring Day

Every April, spring outings such as mountain climbing, hiking, and long-distance running are organizing for employees and their families, which not only exercises the body but also enhances the relationship between family members and conveys love and social responsibility.


Cultural And Sports Association

To care for the health of our employees and enrich their spare time, BU has established badminton, dance, music, basketball, football, badminton and other cultural and sports associations.


Company Annual Dinner

The company’s annual dinner is held at the end of the year. During the ceremony, we conveyed the company’s strategy, business layout and management ideas to the employees, and outstanding teams get rewarded.

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