The B-UNION first excellent service center training camp being held, the Chairman emphasized our ultimate goal

On September 11, 2020, the first training camp of B-UNION excellent service center was successfully kicked off in Beijing. The principal purpose of this meeting was to let each service center have a clearer understanding of B-UNION, to help each Establish deeper connections between the region and neighbors to promote upcoming business progress. B-UNION has more than a thousand service centers in China currently. This training session is for centers across the country, considering the actual situation of the current epidemic. After screening and scheduling, the first batch of attendees went to Beijing to participate in the service center’s training.

Chairman Zou Feng emphasized that “B-UNION’s goal is to become a general existence of national infrastructure”. To allow everyone to promote the market more actively, as an encouragement, the company launched the “Million WT Program”, and an excellent service center can get one million white token support. For the special circumstances of this year, the excellent service center’s training meeting being delayed until now. At this moment, the entire team has long been await. Through this training, as the service center leader of B-UNION, they will have a clearer understanding of the company’s overall development layout, and its own advantages and disadvantages.

The training managed like a semi-militarized way. At 8:50 in the morning, total twelve groups of all participants gathered outside the venue, led by their respective team leaders, and entered the venue in an orderly manner; at 9 o’clock that day, under the announcement of the chairman, the training meeting officially started, and the person in charge of the meeting made a relevant speech on the training meeting. This conference adopted a novel online and offline teaching method and they trained some courses online by lecturers at B-UNION Malaysia headquarters.

B-UNION is a comprehensive Internet company. The company has set up offices in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. B-UNION aims to use Internet thinking, Internet + concepts, cloud computing, and huge data technology to boost traditional enterprises. Transform and upgrade under the new normal, and help offline businesses, especially service businesses, realize digital transformation as soon as possible. From the buying and selling behavior, it is easy to see that when the buyer’s consumption motivation suppressed, the seller can only take passive measures, and the bigger measure is to promote the consumer’s consumption behavior.

How to drive the market from the standpoint of the buyer (consumer) and promote the positive operation of the seller (the producer)? B-UNION is building a new consumption ecology. Allow consumers to enjoy the Token rewards and realize consumption appreciation. In such an ecology, consumers are the dominant players, and consumption also produces capital accumulation. Consumption is an investment, consumption is saving, and it does not inhibit consumption behavior. Merchants under this kind of ecology have markets and channels, so they not affected by market factors. When ordinary merchants act as buyers (produce consumer behavior), manufacturers assume the role of supply. Ordinary merchants continue to enjoy Tokens rewards during consumption (restocking), and Tokens get accumulated and converted.

At the training site, everyone engrossed and took notes seriously; hearing the rise, thunderous applause broke out from time to time in the venue; facing the questions raised by the lecturer, everyone actively raised their hands to answer.

“Information has brought a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the Chinese nation”, and we must “well use the largest increase of Internet.” As an open platform, B-UNION allows all legal business access. The platform covers wholesale malls, retail malls, online and offline business districts, large and small communities. Consumers can choose online or offline consumption according to their own needs. Merchants can also place products in wholesale or retail malls and display them in business circles according to their nature (such as restaurants, supermarkets, retail, etc.), and expose them to nearby consumers. For merchants, the platform can provide payment solutions, and merchants can easily handle the payment and collection issues.

B-UNION promotes a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship between manufacturers, merchants, and consumers. Through resource integration and then sharing, global products can be interoperable. While the products are marketable, more people can Buy Cheap, Buy Fast, and Buy Good.

Through this training meeting, everyone has a clearer positioning of B-UNION and is full of confidence to the future market.

The Future Is Now, Go Hand In Hand Together !