The first training camp of B-UNION excellent service center ended successfully | A group of people! One thing! One heart! No matter the west or east, we will go forward together

On September 15, 2020, the five-day B-UNION excellent service center training camp came to a successful ending. Service center students from all over the country move forward with the same goal and fight for their future together.

B-UNION is a comprehensive Internet company. The company has set up offices in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. B-UNION aims to use Internet thinking, Internet + concepts, cloud computing, and big data technology to boost traditional enterprises. Transform and upgrade under the new normal, and help offline businesses, especially service businesses, realize digital transformation as soon as possible. “Information has brought a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the Chinese nation”, and we must “well use the largest increase of Internet.” As an open platform, B-UNION allows all legal business access. The platform covers wholesale malls, retail malls, online and offline business districts, large and small communities. Consumers can choose online or offline consumption according to their own needs. Merchants can also place products in wholesale or retail malls and display them in business circles according to their nature (such as restaurants, supermarkets, retail, etc.), and expose them to nearby consumers. For merchants, the platform can provide payment solutions, and merchants can easily handle the payment and collection issues.

Five days ago, a group of people from different regions and different habits gathered in Beijing because of the same career and B-UNION. During these five days, everyone got up early and exercised together, studied together, discussed together, played games together, and worked hard for the same goal together. Five days later, a new group appeared in front of everyone, and the scattered individuals no longer exist. This is a rope twisted by hundreds of strands.

A group of people! One thing! One heart! No matter the west or east, we will go forward together.

When the team first meet, everyone looked at each other and was at a loss.

During the lecture time, everyone was attentive and concentrate to the lecture.

In their spare time, they all help each other without being exclusive.

During game time, everyone put aside everything and enjoy to the fullest.

In just five days, there was laughter and tears. More, it’s harvest and touching.

From unfamiliar to familiar and reveal your genuine feeling.

This training camp, while learning, also focused on cultivating everyone’s hard-working spirit and team awareness, and enhancing everyone’s comprehensive ability. Towards the same goal, everyone realizes that we shoulder more responsibilities and shoulder more arduous missions. “The goal of B-UNION is to become a general existence of national infrastructure”, we firmly believe that it is the driving force for our progress.

The entire training process is both an improvement and an exercise for oneself. Only when you are full of information, can you truly surpass yourself and achieve a greater result. “The importance of taking others’ opinions to one’s own moral cultivation”. Everyone has something worth learning and learning from. We should also recognize our own strengths and weaknesses and then pay attention to make up and improve in our study and daily life. Will not become a stumbling block on the road ahead. Simple things are often the most difficult to stick to. Doing a small thing is also paving the way for big results. With concerted efforts, everyone also recognizes the power of the team and forms trust between each other.

There are small groups in the training camp and large groups at the enterprise level. Only a reasonable division of labor and effective cooperation can make the work proceed in an orderly manner. Only when everyone does their best, and B-UNION operate positively. Sailing in the sea depends on the helmsman. On the sea road where the B-UNION ship travels, we are all helmsman and crew, and we will eventually reach the shore of success.