On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the B-UNION Five Great War Zone Seminar successfully held in Beijing ! !

The purpose of this seminar marks that B-UNION’s popular market will present to everyone with a brand new image.

The five major war zone seminars are special. This year the global outbreak is a challenge for all the companies. Faced with nature, human beings are ultimately elusive. Facing such a social dilemma, B-UNION still keeps moving forward and never forgets our original intention, and we have widely recognized by the market.

B-UNION is a technology-based integrated Internet company. The company committed to creating a closed-loop global sustainable consumption ecosystem, redefining the role of consumer groups in business in the Internet era, allowing consumers to become business entities, and introducing factory resources to allow merchants gain the capital appreciation and rely on the BU platform to form a new, win-win Internet business community. The online shopping mall is a new starting point. This is just a cornerstone of B-UNION’s overall layout. B-UNION’s goal is to aim for global projects. B-UNION will be a top-notch [open platform], allowing all legal business access to meet the needs of more consumers, change the entire vicious circle of business system, and promote the healthy development of business formats.

Gather people by category: people with a positive attitude will fight together with people with a positive attitude. A group of benevolent people has some common goals and dreams, which is to make business “easier” to make money. Only with the same frequency can resonate. Believe that those hard days in businesses will end soon.

Put on new thinking, keep up with the era of consumption and get rich, and use the thinking of spending and get rewarded to make us “easier” to make money.

We believe that through the efforts of many elites will definitely help businesses escape the vicious circle of business circles!

Strong alliance: Real heroes have the same vision, a group of people have a dream, work together, and struggle together, all with a compassionate heart, and sincerely help the business do well and make it “easy” to make money. Go ahead with this goal!

This kind of business is not owned by one person, it belongs to everyone.

In the era of historical change, each of us should take on this social responsibility!

The transformation and transformation of businesses is the responsibility and mission of every citizen.

Where is the time, where is the harvest, do you still use your time to witness the success of others?