Transform your spending into earning.

The value source of the new business era helps consumers to succeed.

We hope:
Using Internet thinking, Internet+ concepts, cloud calculation, and colossal database technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises under the new concept, help offline merchants, especially service industry merchants, realize digital transformation as soon as possible, and allow consumers to enjoy tokens and make our spending value-added.

Core Business

B-UNION is a comprehensive open platform that builds spending rewards as our core, creates a new consumption ecology, redefines the role of consumer groups in a new internet business era, and turns consumers into business entities. We use the spending rewards that everyone can contact the entry point, use the colossal database to transform the spending rewards ecosystem to promote the reform of the global consumption system.

Digital Life

Today and in the future, B-Union will grow from a tokens payment tool to a one-stop digital life platform. Through our open platform strategy, the introduction of digital finance, government affairs, people’s livelihood, local life, and other fields of service providers to provide consumers with one-stop digital life services.

Global Finance

Sharing technology on a global scale, B-Union and its digital wallet partners jointly serve approximately 7.6 billion users worldwide, providing mobile payment and digital inclusive financial services.

With Spending Rewards Tokens As The Core, A comprehensive internet platform that turns consumers into business entities.

Through B-UNION spending reward tokens create a fundamental change in the traditional spending concept. A new spending ecosystem to change the identity of B-Union consumers around the world from now on. Spending is an investment and entrepreneurship, and it will lead the global consumers to enter a new era of turning your spending into earning. Wherever you spend, there’s B-UNION. B-UNION will become an indispensable “Dividends Tool” for global consumers.

Responsibility & Mission​

We believe that technology is the most significant public welfare of this era. Start from the mission of "Rebuilder Of Global Consumer Ecological," we uphold the original intention of public welfare, commercial methods, and the power of technology to bring more equal opportunities to the world.